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Holistic, Naturopathic Medicine and Integrative Medicine in Atlanta, GA, & Austin, TX

SIE Medical – Southern Integrative and Environmental Medical

We focus the Comprehensive Care of Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicince and Naturopathic Medicine with highly experienced and educated Physicians.


Integrative Medicine incorporates both cutting-edge Naturopathic Medicine with a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Integrative Medicine Doctor as well as the best therapeutic options from Conventional Medicine to identify and treat the ROOT cause and support your body’s innate ability to heal. Additionally, we focus on conventional labs, functional medicine labs and genetics testing including nutrigenomics, nutritional epigenetics and epigenetics. It takes planning and changes that will bring your life, body and mind back into BALANCE whether facing chronic illness and conditions or seeking preventative care. If you are seeking Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine or Environmental Medicine and Holistic Practitioners Atlanta Ga or Austin TX please call us:


Atlanta, Georgia at 404-963-9773

Austin, Texas at 512-788-9941.

We also provide Tele-Health options. 

Many of us face chronic illness and conditions in today’s world with its stress, poor nutritional and high inflammatory diets, pollution, toxins, hectic and unhealthy lifestyles, prior health damages, trauma, environmental factors, psycho-emotional factors and more.  Our body and minds have a number of factors to contend with at almost all times.  With the rise of chronic illness and conditions, it has become more important than ever for us the take care of ourselves through educated specifics on how our metabolic internal terrains and external environments influence or overall health and ability to be healthy. We have the ability to make changes and determine better decisions throughout our lives but need science and nature to help move us in the right directions and engage in a specific plan of health excellence. We believe the best way to determine these factors is through Integrative Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Medicine to ensure we take into account the right variables to drive a best outcome for today and in the future. We provide this approach through Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Medical Doctors and Holistic Practitioners Atlanta Ga and Austin TX as well as through Telehealth.

Integrative Medicine, Naturopathic Medicince, and Holistic Medicine  Health focuses


We do this by treating the Whole You. We take the time to understand your health history, your lifestyle, and your health concerns as well as empirical data about your body through scientific labs. You will always see a physician with your patient appointment.


To get to know and understand our patients to provide a truly personalized plan of health. A new patient appointment is 1.5 to 2 hours so we can understand and discuss your health and history.


To empower and educate in order to make optimal wellness a reality at all life stages. We recommend and help you understand the options as well as their impacts.

S.I.E.M. brings compassion, empathy and understanding of the resilience of the human body to heal itself when proper support is provided.


Complete Medical History & Precise Diagnostics

  • We Consider Your Lifestyle
  • We Take A Detailed History
  • We Utilize State of the Art Modern Medical Diagnostics

Our Integrative Medical Approach

  • Naturopathic and Holistic Medicine
  • Traditional Western Medicine
  • Environmental Medicine if Appropriate

Partnership & Plan of Health

  • Modern Medical Treatments
  • Researched Based Treatment Modalities
  • Lifestyle Adjustments & Nutrition as Medicine

our Integrative medicine COMMITMENTS TO OUR PATIENTS

Our recent Blog Posts

Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Medicine and Integrative Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process.  The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods. The combination of Naturopathic and Conventional Medicine is known as Integrative Medicine.

In today’s world, with its vast amount of data, patients need a partner and advocate that is a source of knowledge, with significant education, experience, understanding and the ability to look at a larger and more detailed view of the patient’s health. A plan of health that then considers a more in-depth point of view across many systems and approaches to drive a better outcome. From the specifics your health history, internal metabolic, environmental impacts, mitochondrial dysfunction to genetics to diet and lifestyle as well as a broader and more detailed picture of mind, body and soul, a good doctor will take many individualized variables into account to put together your puzzle of health and care. Chronic Illness is on the rise across the world, knowledge, facts, education, science and actions deal with it best.

Environmental Medicine Identifies Pathogens and Toxins in the Body and Works with Patients to Eliminate the Toxic Burden in Their Bodies and Home

The information offered by this website is presented for educational purposes. Nothing contained within should be construed as nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. This information should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. Always consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program. You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information contained within this website. Georgia or Texas do not regulate or license the Naturopathic Doctor profession.  Dr. Kimberly Williford, NMD cannot diagnose or treat diseases. Due to this we recommend that you consult with your licensed medical doctor for diagnosis, advise, or treatment.

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