Subterraneous Gases and Fumes

Subterraneous Gases and Fumes

Invisible gases can seep into homes from a variety of sources and invisible and dangerous if ingested in quantities. Radon, A byproduct of naturally occurring radium and uranium breaking down under the earths surface.  Radon is problematic only if it gets trapped in poorly ventilated homes, which can happen in areas where geological conditions produce it in higher concentrations. Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by malfunctioning fuel burning appliances such as furnaces, ranges, water and room heaters.  The build up of sewer gases in your home doesn’t just create a foul odor reminiscent of a hot-summer-day cow pasture. Inhaling the methane that is contained in it (itself an odorless gas) can also lead to headaches, difficulty concentrating, and heart palpitations. What’s worse: if enough methane accumulates in your home, the simple flicker of a pilot light can cause it to ignite.

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